Demo and Purchase


  • I have a 10 day demo program, so you can spend enough time riding in the saddle to make sure it works for both you and your horse. Please put at least 3 good rides on the saddle.

    I currently have 18" and 17" Veneto saddles available to demo. I also have a 17" Quevis and 18" Quilty, as well as Western fenders/stirrups.

    Demo fee is 50% of the retail price of the saddle as a deposit. This is 100% refundable when the saddle is returned undamaged. Rubbing from legs, boots, stirrups is considered normal and acceptable. Claw-marks from the barn-cat or tire-tracks, tears, gouges, scratches, obvious damage will be deducted from your deposit.

    If you want to demo a model I do not stock, I can try to get the model you want from the GHOST importer in Bend, OR. That will cost $100 for shipping (return shipping label is included).

  • I recommend having your demo saddle properly fitted prior to riding in it. There is a $50 charge for the fitting. If you purchase a new GHOST saddle, the $50 is credited towards the saddle purchase price.

  • Once you have demo'ed a GHOST and seen for yourself how amazing they are, we can put together the perfect order for you via phone or email.

  • A non-custom saddle can be returned in NEW condition (please wrap stirrup leathers and remove girth from rigging after each use) with response via email or phone within 10 days for full refund less shipping and $100 restocking fee.  If you have ordered a customized saddle (other than black/brown, leather or oiled nubuck, standard or economy models), I will be happy to help you sell it.

  •  GHOST  is willing to customize various items like extra D rings. I recommend an extra pair of D's in the front for breast collar attachments as I always suggest attaching them as low as possible. I will default this request in my orders, so if you don't want the extra rings, let me know. And if you want more, just describe and we'll get them put on. Keep in mind that customization in design, color, or materials means the saddle can't be returned without a charge, so I highly recommend demo'ing to make sure the saddle will work for you and your horse before going too crazy with options!

NOTE: Prices are subject to change based upon the Euro to dollar exchange rate.
I accept payment and deposits via Paypal or using your debit/credit card using Square.