How do I find the correct size for my horse?

Measure the length and width of each hoof and use the size guide under each model.
You can also use the
Measurement Guide and Calculator for simplicity.

Note that each model has slightly different sizing. A horse that uses a size 12 in a 24/7 may need a size 13 All Terrain Ultra, for example.

Hooves should be measured after a fresh trim to accurately size the 24/7 model.

The width of my horse’s hoof falls within one size, and length in the next size up/down.

You have to choose the larger size hoof boot. 

My horse’s measurements are right on the borderline between sizes – which size should I choose?

Generally, if the hoof has just been trimmed, and the width and length are right on the borderline between sizes, you should choose the larger size. If the hooves are at the point where they are due for a trim, then you can choose the smaller size. However, we would recommend you use the Equine Fusion Fit Kit to ensure that you get the best fit in this instance. 

My Shoes are twisting, what can I do?

First it is important to check that the shoes are installed correctly on the horse and that they are the correct size. Check with the How to Use videos. If the shoes still twist it may be that the hoof shape does not fit the shoe. Talk to your dealer to see if you need a different model. 

Will the boots stay on in mud and rough terrain?

All our models will stay on in every condition. There is double security on the fastening systems, and the shoes will stay on, even in tough conditions. 

How long will the shoes last?

This will vary from horse to horse. Based on all experience so far, we can say that the shoes will last between 6 months to 2 years. Most of the shoes lasts up to one year but in some cases with some horses they last less. 


What do I do if the shoes break?

Contact me. I will contact Equine Fusion, and if it is a warranty case, they will replace the shoes.