• English, treeless, endurance, and Aussie saddles.   

  • Evaluate the fit of your current saddle. If the tree is a proper match to your horse, I can recommend and remedy a number of fit and balancing issues (if needed).
  • If your tree is not a proper fit to your horse, I can educate you on the types of trees that would fit your horse - and why.   

  • I can provide you with accurate tracings and photos of your horse to send to your saddler of choice, so they can get the right saddle for your horse.   

  • The more saddles you can get your hands on for this fitting session, the better I can illustrate what will and will not work!   

  • If you are wanting to purchase an English or endurance saddle, and don't know where to start, I can recommend brands and styles in your price-range that will be likely candidates for you and your horse.



  • $60/hr, billed in 15-minute increments. Please have your horse ready. Billing is for fitting-time and my wait-time only. If we decide to chat aimlessly somewhere in there, it will be on my time.   

  • Mileage charges apply.
  • Any materials used (shims, virgin wool, etc) will be billed at list price.



  • I cannot offer Western fitting at this time.   

  • I cannot re-flock or adjust flocking in English saddles. I can recommend qualified saddlers to do this if it is needed.   

  • I cannot make a tree that is not the correct shape for your horse work for your horse by padding up in any way, shape or form.