Natural Materials - new arrivals regularly!



Colors are black, brown, sometimes tan, burgundy, and red. Leather will be slicker than nubuck or oiled nubuck. If you love that slicker feeling and prefer synthetic, consider Micropell

Black, Brown, and Burgundy pictured.

Julia Leather


Julia leather is a bit softer with richer colors than standard leather, it will also be less grippy than oiled nubuck .

colors from left to right: 600, 604, 608, 609



Nubuck isn't listed on the saddle selection page, but you can order it in black and brown. I don't list it because it eventually smooths and shines anywhere there's contact, so becomes like oiled nubuck but not evenly over the product.  

Black and Brown pictured

Oiled Nubuck


Oiled nubuck is leather that's been roughed to make nubuck, then oiled to make a softer, almost broken-in feel which is also grippier than standard leather. It's the most popular material. Ask about new, fresh colors - more are becoming available every month!

Available in Black, Dark brown, usually a lighter shade of Brown, and warm new colors.



Real sheepskin is also available endless variations of  (white, natural, brown, black) in addition to dyed skins. We show you the available skins to choose from.  You can choose sheepskin for just the seat or the whole saddle but for long flap models you might consider a "wear" strip to avoid unexpected wear in high motion areas and also because not all sheepskins are big enough for the full flap. 



Get creative! Over 130 shades are available

Synthetics / Vegan - this is just a sampling



Lorica is a soft but tough synthetic available in fun colors, great for a cushy seat or grippy thigh blocks. Also perfect for those who ride in wet weather or looking for a vegan option.



Micropell has a heft similar to real leather, very hardy and a bit slicker like natural leather. Also a good option, especially on the flaps, for those who ride in wet weather or want a vegan option 



Great fun as an accent-color.

Because some of us ride dragons.

Want something unique to match your style but aren't seeing it here? Just ask? We can find you gold glitter, pink dragons, etc.

Personalize it

Seat Embroiodery


Embroidered monogram or logo on cantle


Etched Saddle Horn