• The unique, innovative features of the Equine Fusion jogging shoes promote the natural function of the hoof and enhance the horse’s welfare, soundness, and performance.

    A Norwegian company, manufactured in the Czech Republic, with innovation, quality, design, and craftsmanship evident from sole to upper.

    I can supply Equine Fusion shoes to any US customer.

  • I discovered the GHOST saddle at a PNER (Pacific Northwest Endurance Rides) convention. Its innovative design addressed many concerns I had with treeless saddles, and it fit my body very nicely.  I love seeing the beautiful color combinations customers are daring to have some fun with!

    I appreciate the quality, comfort, and versatility of fit to rider and horse, and am well versed in making it fit a wide range of horses. I ride both my high-withered Anglo-Arabian and my flat-backed Haflinger/QH cross in
     GHOST  saddles.  

    I serve the greater Southwest Washington region. Portland to Olympia, Coast to Hood River.  I can come to your farm/barn, or you can meet me at Battle Ground Lake or Whipple Creek. This allows you to ride a trail with hills and curves at different gaits to really feel the saddle as we adjust it. If you want, I can even ride behind you to watch you and your horse in the saddle.