Dampening pads - $20/pair


Supports the natural hoof mechanism.

The dampening pad is designed according to the same principles as the jogging shoe, with a specially designed rubber compound which provides the pad with the best properties.

  • Extremely good memory
  • Almost no deformation during usage.
  • The superb flexibility, dampening and biomechanical properties makes this the best pad for both riding and rehabilitation.
  • Biomechanical and shock absorbing.
  • Super flexible and extremely robust.

Stud Kit - $35


The studs are easy to install on the All Terrain sole and provide excellent grip on snow and ice without compromising the important properties in the jogging shoes.

Studs can be installed when needed, and removed when they are no longer needed with the same tool.

200 ml glue cartridge - $40


Most economical solution for glueing on the 24/7 shoes. Glue dispensing gun is required. Enough for about 8 shoes.

Glue-dispensing gun - $45


For the 200 ml Equine Fusion Glue cartridges

Multipack Glue Package 25ml 10 - $75


Package of 10 single-use glue packages for the 24/7 shoes

Single Kit Glue Package 25ml incl. accessories - $9


Single-use glue kit for a single 24/7 shoe