Mileage charges apply to all services

  • Fitting a GHOST: $50 for a pre-purchase fitting. If you purchase a new GHOST, this will be credited towards your purchase. Mileage applies

  • Fitting other saddles: $60/hour, billed in 15-minute increments. Mileage applies.

  • Mileage is free within 10 miles of Battle Ground Lake. Mileage charge is $1.50 per mile beyond the 10-mile grace-distance. Mileage is only charged one way.
     - If you would like to haul in to Battle Ground Lake State Park (Discover Pass required) there will be    no mileage charge.
     - If you haul in to Battle Ground Lake State Park or Whipple Creek, you have the opportunity to    evaluate any adjustments made by riding on the trail. I can also ride behind you to observe you    and the horse.
  • Demo a GHOST: 50% of the saddle’s retail price is paid up-front
     - You have 10 days to test the saddle.
     - Deposit is refunded if full when saddle is returned in same condition as you received it.

  • Labor to adjust, modify, or repair a GHOST saddle is billed at $40/hour, billable in 15-minute increments.

 I accept payment and deposits via Paypal or using your debit/credit card using Square.