Models I carry

24/7 glue-on - $50/each


The 24/7 Jogging Shoe allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a jogging shoe without having to take it on and off every time you use it. The hoof will sink into the rubber sole, expand, and secure natural blood flow and hoof functions. The sole has been tested, and it has proven to reduce the maximum loads on the horse, and is used by endurance riders and in trotting with great success. 

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Active - $220/pair


A hoof shoe with a wide range of suitability for rehabilitation, terrain riding, and jumping. The same proven performance sole used in the 24-7, in a removable shoe.

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All Terrain Ultra - $215/pair


Horses show many variations in hoof size, shape and angle. In addition, some
horses' lower limb conformation causes them to move forward with a slight
twisting of the hoof during contact with the ground. This obviously presents a further challenge to the hoof boot industry, as boots may swivel on the hoof even when the fit is correct.

The All Terrain Ultra, a new model in the Equine Fusion range, aims to address these issues by combining the unique sole of the All Terrain with the more adjustable fastening system of the Ultra.

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All Terrain - $106/each


Similar to the Active, but with a simpler closing mechanism and sold as singles. This is a great option for riders whose hands/fingers need a simpler fastening system, or for riders who want to carry a spare boot with them. I don't recommend these for horses with very round hooves or with a pronounced twisting movement.

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Available in Regular and Slim

All shoes are available in regular and slim versions.   The slim series is designed for best fit on hind hooves due to narrow sole shape and a lower back part. (However, the Equine Fusion slim models may also be suitable for front hooves in many cases.)

Please refer to the measuring guide here to ensure that you get the best possible fit for your horse.


Size Chart 24/7


Size Chart Active


Size Chart All Terrain Ultra


Size Chart All Terrain