Fitting a GHOST


How will you fit a GHOST to my horse?

We have several adjustments we can make:

  • The panels can be moved forward or back to account for your horse's shoulder or back-conformation to center your weight.
  • The panels can be moved side-to-side to account for your horse being narrow or flat-backed, or to raise or lower the front or back of the saddle.
  • Adjusting the panels can also help balance and align the saddle on an asymmetric horse.
  • Shimming material (we like to use felted wool) can be added to the top inside of the panels to balance the saddle.
  • The weight-distributing layer in the panels can be shortened to ensure that a short-backed horse is not weighted beyond its last rib.
  • The sliding V-rigging is adjusted so that the girth lands nicely at the horse's natural girth-groove.


How will you fit the GHOST to the rider?

  • I start by balancing the seat, to make sure that your pelvis is not tipped forward or back.
  • A pommel-bolster can be added to lift the pommel for both rider comfort as well as to help balance the seat.
  • Reducers can be added inside the cantle to make a slightly large seat feel more snug and secure.
  • The stirrups are hung on the front or back stirrup-bar to put your leg into the best equitation position for your build and riding style.